Premium Plumbing Service in Chicago, IL

24-hour-serviceAre you searching for plumbing contractors in Chicago, IL who will be able to resolve your plumbing problem quickly and affordably? Give us a call or send us a text right now to get fast help with your home or commercial property. Chicago Plumbing Experts can resolve literally any problem, of any size, and we have some of the lowest rates in the city.

Our plumbers can all types of local plumbing services; any project, of any size, including:

Affordable Chicago Plumbing Contractors

We know that sometimes plumbing problems come at the worst possible time for your life or your business, and that’s why we work hard to keep our services fast and our rates low. All of the plumbers we employ have customer service as the first thing on their minds, and we will make sure we fully handle whatever problem you call us about.

As Chicago plumbing contractors, we know that when you call us, you’re looking for a reliable and affordable service. From plumbing repairs and new fixtures to complete plumbing systems, we back up our work with a quality warranty. You can be sure that when you hire us as your Chicago plumbing contractors, we will provide the highest level of service in the industry.

Plumbing Available at Anytime

plumbing-tools-5When you have a plumbing emergency, you can’t wait until tomorrow to get it fixed, and we don’t make you. Our Chicago plumbing contractors are available around the clock, whenever you need help with your frozen pipes, water lines, or other emergency plumbing situations. We don’t have extra service charges for it being an inconvenient time for your plumbing to stop working, either. No matter if it’s 7pm, 2 am, or Sunday morning, our rates are always low, and our service is always top-notch.

Our staff is specially trained in thawing pipes and repairing water lines to ensure no damage is done to your property while averting a potential catastrophe. We will get in there quick to find the exact problem and get things back in order in no time. With some of the lowest rates in town, to boot, we really are the plumbing company to call whenever you need help. Our phone lines are always answered by our very own staff, no matter the time, so call us now if you need fast service!

Commercial Plumbing

For Your Business

The commercial plumbers on our staff understand that your business can’t go down because your restroom or kitchen may have. Whether you are managing a restaurant, a hotel, an office park, or a store, Chicago Plumbing Experts have a full understanding of all the components of your commercial plumbing system, Chicago, IL and will be able to get it working again quickly. Moreover, we offer same-day service and are even available 24/7 if you have an emergency. So call us now at (773) 599-9181.

Services We Provide

  • Drainage tile systems – sometimes known as French drains, drainage tile systems allow the wastewater to collect and drain away from your property. Our commercial plumbers can install drain tile around the exterior of your building, or even around the interior perimeter of the foundation. We can also make repairs to your existing French drain, or replace it as needed.
  • Thermal Imaging – Thermal imaging is one of the main methods that our licensed plumbers use in leak detection that enables us to determine any hidden problems in your plumbing, even if they are below ground or hidden behind your walls. How these cameras work is they are sensitive to heat and will map an area out in terms of the amount of warmth in a given area.

…and much more!

To top it off, our rates are generally much cheaper than other commercial plumbing companies in the area, and we offer the very best in customer service.

We know that your business is too busy for you to worry about things like leaky pipes and clogged drains, but we also understand the damages caused if they aren’t found fast. The commercial plumbers at Chicago Plumbing Experts work quickly to get these problems handled for good, so you can get back to what’s important. Give us a call now at (773) 599-9181 to get a free estimate, or to get a commercial plumbing technician sent out to your property right away.

Residential Plumbing

For Your Home

45106881 - man repairing sink drain on the kitchen

Chicago Plumbing Experts have been in the plumbing industry for several decades and throughout our time in the business, we have had our hand in a bit of everything, literally! As one of the top plumbing companies in all of Chicago, IL, we’re able to handle a variety of issues and we can guarantee to fix it right the first time. Call us today at (773) 599-9181 to see what we can do for you.

What Do We Handle?

  • Faucet repair – If you have a leaking faucet, let one of our plumbers fix it for you. More than simply annoying, a dripping faucet can add up to big bucks in wasted water before you realize it. If it’s time for a new faucet, we will perform an expert installation for you, call for a free estimate!
  • Septic pumps — If your septic pump, or sewage pump, isn’t working properly, it needs to be fixed rapidly. The last thing you need is for sewage and wastewater to back up into your drains, or to completely stop the flow of your home plumbing. Our professional plumbers will be able to fix any problem your septic pump is having, and perform routine maintenance to keep it running smoothly next time!
  • Sink repair – Is your sink dripping, clogged, or not draining well? Our home plumbing technicians are equipped with everything needed to get yours operating well again, or to switch it out for a brand new one if you prefer. Call or text us to get your free estimate now!

…and more!

Burst Pipes

Burst Pipes

One of the most urgent times to need water line repair is when you discover burst pipes. Here in Chicago, pipes bursting is most commonly caused by frozen pipes, and our plumbers are fully proficient in stopping the damage and repairing the portion of your pipes that has been affected.

34269025 - a pipe with frost and freeze damageWhen your pipes get cold enough to freeze the water within, that water expands, even it without it being enough space. That causes your pipes to burst, and when that water thaws, you will have water leaks and the potential for major damages to your property.

Broken water pipes are actually the second leading cause in the nation for damaged homes and high claim costs. This can be avoided by trusting your burst pipes to a professional plumbing contractor as soon as you notice something that isn’t right, and that’s why we offer our water line repair at all hours of the day.

You never know when you’ll turn on your pipes on a cold night or morning and find that there is no water flow. That’s a giveaway sign of frozen pipes, and if you see this or any other sign of a frozen or burst pipe, you need to pick up the phone and call our plumbing company immediately.

Burst pipes can also be a result of tree roots growing in the way of your water lines or sewer lines and severing them. Your pipes could have collapsed or had foreign objects enter them, all of which would cause big problems. No matter what’s caused the broken pipes, our technicians have the equipment, tools, and expertise to get them repaired rapidly.

So don’t hesitate to call Chicago Plumbing Experts now at (773) 599-9181!