Frozen Pipe Repair

Frozen pipes pose a great hazard to homeowners and property managers; you need a professional plumber to take care of them for you. Chicago Plumbing Experts are here to provide frozen pipe repair to La Grange and Chicago, IL and throughout the North and Northwest sides. We will thaw out your frozen pipes at any time of any day, for no extra “overtime fees.” Call us now at (773) 599-9181 for fast 24/7 plumbing.

Thaw Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipe Repair

During those Windy City Winters, Your Pipes Are at High Risk of Freezing and Potentially Bursting.

Thawing frozen pipes tend to lead to them bursting, which is why we highly recommend not getting involved yourself but calling a licensed plumbing company, to do a professional job on it. Our Chicago plumbers have the right equipment, the knowledge, and the skills to do a great job at restoring your pipes and your water flow without damaging your property.


The water damage that can occur from burst pipes is massive, and we wouldn’t wish that on anyone. If you are facing frozen pipes, we urge you to pick up the phone and call us to get fast and effective help from a licensed plumber.

The first thing to do if you come home to frozen pipes, as evidenced by little to no water flow, or sub zero temperatures surrounding your pipes (those that run outdoors, or away from your heated spaces), is to shut off the main water valve to your property. This will ensure no more water runs through and causes further problems. Next is to reach a plumbing contractor who can thaw the pipes for you without damaging your home or cause a pipe to burst.

Many homeowners have attempted to do this on their own in the past, by using a torch, or open flame, or even with a hair dryer or electric heater, rather than leaving it to a professional plumbing contractor. We know this because we get called by them after it didn’t work, they caused serious damage to their home or piping system, or even worse, they were electrocuted.

Frozen Pipe Repair

Take Precautionary Steps to Keep Your Pipes Thawed and Avoid Any Serious Damage to Your Plumbing System.

Don’t be in that situation; call us from the beginning for help with your frozen pipes and let our Chicago plumbers take care of it for you. The technicians at our company are fully proficient with thawing these pipes and will take care of the dangerous parts so as to keep you, your family, and your property safe.

Emergency Pipe Thawing

Pipe thawing needs to be taken care of in a manner that keeps your property protected against possible bursts or ruptures, and our plumbing company has all of the proper equipment to do just that. No matter the size of your property, or the extent of the damage to your piping system, the plumbers on our staff will be able to handle its pipe thawing, and any other plumbing services you may need as a result.

If you already have a burst pipe from trying to thaw it on your own, we can handle it, and the resulting damage, too. Our plumbers are available now and will be there fast — just call!

A word of advice for next time you go out of town in the winter is to leave your heater on no lower than 60 degrees and ask a friend to come check on your home regularly during sub zero days. It could save you major trouble and a lot of money.

Chicago Plumbing Experts are the pros to call when you’re in La Grange and Chicago, IL looking for frozen pipe repair or thaw. If you’re in Brookfield, IL, Lyons, IL, or anywhere in the North and Northwest parts of the city, dial (773) 599-9181.