Leak Detection

Leak Detection

With Our State of the Art Technology, We’ll Get to the Source of the Leak in No Time.

Leak detection is a plumbing service we offer to prevent serious damage to your property. If you notice ponding water, wet patches in your yard, or warm spots on concrete flooring, you likely have a water leak that could be causing major damage to your home. Here at Chicago Plumbing Experts, our professional plumbers have the equipment to locate the problem with minimal time or waste. So if you’re on the North or Northwest side of La Grange and Chicago, IL needing leak detection, dial (773) 599-9181. We’ll get you taken care of quick, fast, and in a hurry.

La Grange and Chicago, IL Leak Detection Service

A leak gone on too long can not only cause your water bills to go through the roof, but they can also cause significant water damage which gets expensive very fast. Our licensed plumbers have a variety of techniques that they can use to locate the leaks inside your home or commercial property and repair them quickly before your wallet goes down the drain!

With same-day service available all throughout the area, our professional plumbers will ensure your leaks are stopped before they become a serious problem.

Thermal Imaging

Often times the source of your plumbing leak will be in a hard-to-access place, such as underground or behind walls. When this is the case, many other plumbing companies employ trial and error to locate the exact spot where the leak is coming from. We value your time and your money much more than that though, and we employ high-tech leak detection equipment that takes the guessing out of it.

Our local plumbing services center around you and how we can best serve you in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. It’s our dedication to consistently providing you with the best plumbing service in La Grange and Chicago, IL that led us to become forerunners of state-of-the-art equipment in our field.


Leak Detection

Not Only Will We Promptly Locate the Leak, But We’ll Have It Fixed in No Time.

Our plumbing company combines the use of thermal imaging, in-line video cameras, and other audiovisual equipment to show us exactly where the leaks are so that your hard-earned money isn’t wasted with trial and error or unnecessary repairs.


We use this to our advantage when doing leak detection, or in locating a clogged sewer line, by having our Chicago plumbers run hot water through your pipes and then take a look through a thermal imaging camera. Any clogs will now be evident, as will any leaks in your plumbing system, and our technicians can get to work on fixing exactly what needs attention.

This precision tool cuts out the need for a plumbing contractor to cut holes in your floor or walls to try to locate a leak that may or may not exist there. Chicago Plumbing Expert have a leg up on the competition when it comes to leak detection in La Grange and Chicago, IL and will be able to find the problem with your plumbing in a painless and cost-effective manner. Give us a call at (773) 599-9181 to schedule your appointment for today, or to get a free estimate over the phone.

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