Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning

Without Regular Grease Trap Cleaning, You’re Putting Your Business at Risk for Excess Clogs, Health Code Violations, and Overall Sanitation.

Grease trap cleaning will prevent build-ups, backups, and clogs in your sewer pipes. Whether you’ve got a restaurant, a school, a hotel, you need to ensure it gets serviced regularly. The Chicago Plumbing Experts are here to provide you with the most effective grease trap cleaning anywhere in La Grange and Chicago, IL. Call us today at (773) 599-9181.Our plumbing specialists are available seven days a week for same-day service and will get it done quickly, for a good price.

Regular Maintenance

All grease traps that are used on a regular basis are in risk of clogging up your plumbing if it does not receive the necessary services and maintenance. Our Chicago plumbing company offers all the sewer cleaning services you’ll need, including:

  • Grease trap pumping
  • Grease trap waste elimination
  • Hydro jetting of grease traps
  • Vacuum pumping

If you’re looking for licensed plumbing contractors who offer grease trap cleaning, you’re on the right site! We have made a name for ourselves as the Chicago plumbing company to trust your property to in any scenario, thanks to our highly skilled staff and our high-tech equipment. We go above and beyond the call of duty to provide the extra courteous care you deserve.

It doesn’t matter if it is your first time dealing with our plumbing company or the fifteenth time you’ve used our services; we try to give every single client the highest level of customer service you could hope for, and create a long-lasting relationship with our clients.

Grease Trap Experts

Your grease trap works hard to strain the fatty substances out of your waste water, and it keeps them out of the rest of your plumbing. However, if it doesn’t get emptied out and cleaned regularly, it can not only lead to clogged sewer lines but sewer backflow as well.

How frequently your property needs grease trap cleaning will depend on the state and quality of your traps and how much material goes through them. Our licensed plumbers are able to thoroughly inspect your traps after cleaning them to let you know what state yours are in, and recommend how frequently they should be cleaned.

If you need a grease trap cleaning in La Grange and Chicago, IL or even repair or maintenance, give us a call at (773) 599-9181! Our professional plumbers are able to offer the highest in quality while maintaining some of the lowest prices in the area, and that works out in your favor.